Changsha State-owned Enterprise Assets Management Co.,  


Under the approval of Changsha municipal people’s government, Changsha State-owned Enterprise Assets Management Co., Ltd, a state-sole-investment company, was formally established on April 20, 2002 and subordinate to Changsha National Assets Commission. Its registered capital is 2.86 billion yuan.

The functions of the company include purchase and disposal of the assets, development of Land Management, land renovation and the relevant investment and financing, investment advisory, financial consultation, merger and corporate restructuring consultation and agency, business and assets of trustees, etc.

The company is composed of financial audit department, department of general affairs, strategic investment division and asset management office.

Affiliated Companies:

Holding Subsidiary:

1.Hunan Longxiang Transportation Development Corporation

2. Changsha Boiler Plant limited Liability company

3. Changsha Blower Plant Ltd Liability Company

4.Share-holding Subsidiary—Changsha SME Credit Guarantee Corporation

Greetings from the Chairman

Changsha Corporation State-owned Assets Ltd is a new product of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises. Since its establishment, it has been playing a positive role in supervising the state-owned assets, mobilizing funds, raising the reform money and promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises. As a state-owned and sole-investment enterprise, we should not only accelerate the market-oriented operations, enhance the economic efficiency, but also attach importance to the social benefits. Special enterprise and special functions mean special roles we should play whether in the past, at present or in the future.

At present, Changsha is undergoing a profound reform in the economic system. State-owned companies are in an important transition period. It is believed that, as long as we give full play to our advantages, coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive, scientific and development strategies, we are bound to create a better tomorrow.

Corporate Mission

1. To ensure the maintenance and increment of the state assets.

2. To effectively favor the long-term interests and the whole interests of the national economy.

3. To effectively realize the government’s policy goal.

Corporate Vision

Oriented on the market, property rights, and the maintenance and increment of capital to the max, we strive to build a both dynamic and regulated operation mechanism for state-owned assets through capital operation and platform function, in order to develop into an important macro-management foundation which can serve for the municipal government the adjustment of industry structure, trade structure and state-owned deposit structure in the future. We are aiming at a cross-industry or cross-trade state-owned assets management (holding assets) company featured with modern enterprise system.

Business Ideas

To Legalize the Property management; to secure the management of the investment and financing; and to make capital operation market-oriented.


1. Finance Department

Financial planning and statistic; cost and ministrative expense control and audit; funds raising, balancing and usage supervising ; accountancy’s accounts handle; cash cashier business; tax administratin and audit business; financing and investing; finance management adviser; asset management; business income management

2. General affairs department

(Secretarial , documents ) personnel _ files comprehensibe management ; office supplies equipment purchase and usage management ; office enironment and order management ; staff attendance checing ; meeting convening and oranizing ; personnel recruiting , employing , training( organizing ) and work ( performance ) evaluation ; hiring and firing ; pay and benefits, holidays, labor contract and insurance overall planning and management ; general affairs management ;vehicles, licenses and tickets business managementl external affairs reception; public relations coordination ; enterprise culture building ;other personnel administration business; information management

3. Investment Department

  • Responsible for formulating the strategy program of the company
  • Responsible for formulating the investment program of the company
  • Resporsible for formulating the land management and debelopment program of the company
  • Investment projects operation and management

4. Assets department

Management of State Assets restructuring and reorganization , mergers and reorganizations , bankruptcy liquidation ,registration for changes in property rights , signed management contracts, confiscated proceeds of state-owned assets .

  • Formulate assets management and disposal programs, manage and dispose the write off assets, liabilities and the transfer assets of the city’s restructured enterprises
  • Claims management of the corporate banking, formulate anti-debt recovery package case and recourse to collect claims, provide contract management and revenue collection of the state-owned assets
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